Specialised Complaint Assistance

Flexible complaints management assistance

Dealing with a complaint effectively and efficiently is not easy. Working with experts in complaints management will help you to achieve the best outcome, while minimising associated business-impact and stress. Or in other words: we handle the complaint; you get on with business.

IDS provides full or partial assistance when dealing with a complaint. We can help: (1) at the early stages of the internal complaint process, (2) when your response is about to be sent to the client, or (3) if the complaint is being investigated by a dispute resolution scheme.

IDS complaints management options include:

  • Analysing the complaint information and providing a view as to the possible options for resolution and alternatives to reaching a resolution
  • Assisting you in drafting the response to your client including helping you consider as many options for resolution as possible
  • Drafting your response to client
  • Negotiating on your behalf directly with your client (within an agreed framework)
  • Suggesting the best course of action for you to take to increase the likelihood of resolution and minimise escalation
  • Representing you and presenting your case to your external dispute resolution scheme
  • Drafting of settlement documents when resolution is reached.

All of the above services can be offered as needed or we can take over the complete complaint handling process for you. We keep you in control at all times, with regular contact to keep you up-to-date and make sure you are comfortable with progress.

Best practice internal complaints processes
The first way IDS can help you resolve a potential complaint is by assisting you in creating a compliant internal complaint process. A good internal complaint handling process is vital – it not only helps to resolve complaints early, but is also a valuable business improvement tool.

IDS can provide you with a simple step-by-step list of what to do when you receive a complaint.  This guide can be used as a one-off service, or is provided as a complimentary service for advisers using the My Compliance programme. View our Internal Complaints Process for Financial Service Providers by clicking here.

IDS can also provide a bespoke internal complaint handling process that meets your specific business needs.