My Complaints Help

An expert ear, fast.

It can be quite daunting when a client makes a complaint. Often the first (and very human) reaction is to feel upset and inclined to respond more emotionally than you usually would. If you receive a complaint, take a step back and utilise the IDS My Complaints Help service.

My Complaints Help can be used as a one-off service, or is provided as a complimentary service for advisers using the My Compliance programme.

How My Complaints Help works
We’re here to help when you first receive a complaint. Call or email us and we will provide guidance and suggestions on your initial response and how to resolve the complaint, or how to go about investigating the complaint to obtain the best outcome.

My Complaints Help is not designed to take over the process, but rather to provide you with some professional help when you first receive a complaint. If you would like assistance with the full complaint process, click here to view our Representational Negotiation services.

Experts in complaints management
Benefit from our complaints management experience. Learn how to de-escalate complaints quickly; how to minimise the impact and cost; and most importantly achieve a resolution that both yourself and your client can live with.