Investor Confidence in NZ grows

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Investor Confidence in NZ grows

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The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has completed its Annual Survey into Investor Confidence and the results are interesting. Investor confidence is a key measure for the effectiveness of Financial Market Regulation and the work the FMA do.

A quick snap shot of the results;

Confidence in New Zealand’s financial markets has increased since 2016.

Investors in general are driving this increase, and in particular those with superannuation schemes (other than KiwiSaver).

Two-thirds of respondents are confident that the market is effectively regulated, while half of the respondents agree that the FMA supports market integrity. Investors who have heard of the FMA, are the most positive and confident.

Confidence in effective regulation has increased significantly for people with a superannuation scheme (other than KiwiSaver).

Nine out of ten people have an investment, the most common is KiwiSaver.

Over half of investors find their investment materials helpful. The biggest increases in perceptions of helpfulness from 2016 to 2017 are for investors with shares they bought themselves or another superannuation scheme besides KiwiSaver.