Independent Mediation

Confidential mediation of complex or sensitive complaints

Mediation is a process by which the parties to a dispute, together with the assistance of a neutral mediator, attempt to find a resolution to the dispute. Mediation helps resolve disputes by sharing information, identifying issues in dispute, discussing them, and trying to reach an agreement both parties can live with. It is conducted on a strictly confidential basis with both parties agreeing not to disclose the events that happen at the mediation.

How does independent mediation work?
Mediation is an informal process which enables both parties to a dispute, to openly discuss and identify relevant issues and move the dispute towards resolution. The mediator helps both parties to each communicate their concerns and help generate options for resolution. These options are then discussed either together with the other party or in a private session with the mediator.

With the assistance of the mediator, the options that meet the needs of both parties are further analysed and a resolution that both parties can live with is identified. Once this point is reached, the finer details are discussed and a settlement agreement entered into.

When is independent mediation needed?
Formal and independent mediation is suited to complaints or disputes that are of a complex nature, are of high value or if there is a need or desire for the dispute to be kept strictly confidential. Mediation is a far more efficient and effective way of resolving disputes than the court process. It allows all parties to express their point of view and does so in a confidential environment.

How can IDS help?
Trevor Slater, the General Manager at IDS, is a highly experienced and fully accredited mediator. Trevor specialises in financial service mediations and has a very high success rate of resolution and very satisfied clients.

What is the cost of IDS mediation services?
The cost of mediation is usually paid for by the party the complaint is made against. However, this can be subject to negotiation and in many cases the costs are shared between the parties.

The fee for IDS mediation covers all aspects of mediation and is fully inclusive. It covers all pre-mediation work including interviewing both parties, the actual mediation, all post-mediation negotiations, and drafting of settlement documents. The only additional cost is any cost associated with hiring a suitable venue if one cannot be provided by one of the parties.