FAA Review – Let’s keep it positive

Keeping it positive

The release of the MBIE report last week has caused many comments from those within the financial industry. Some have been very positive but sadly many have been negative. Change in our industry needs to happen to continue to build consumer confidence in the financial industry and in particular in the financial advice process and the value of using a financial adviser.

The 2010 financial services legislation went a long way to meeting these needs. The MBIE review and report moves the industry further towards the goal of having a financial advice industry respected and valued by consumers.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for constructive criticism and the testing of ideas, but what annoys me to no-end is people who continually criticise ideas but offer little to address the challenges of meeting these goals.

One of the best managers I have had told me “You can bring me any problem or challenge any of my views, as long as you come to me also with solutions or options”. Perhaps some of the critics of the MBIE report need to keep this in mind.

What are your thoughts?

Trevor Slater
General Manager

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